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Jingde Business Park has put into use.

Time:July 02 2020 Author:Jingde Medical Views:16120

Since 2016, Jingde begin to establish own industry Park. Mr. Luis, Funder of Jingde, start this plan.Until 2018, all the work is well one. Jingde Business part has funded and our factory move into New Park.

The new innovation center covered 160, 000 ㎡ and enable to increase the volume of our activity. In the new business park, we can prduce meltblown cloth 1.2 tons every day, R&D and Q&C all included.

Now Jingde is the famous protective equipment supplier with own brand in China, specializing in highest quality masks and meltblown cloth. Come and visit our business park, welcome you all.



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