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How to Choose a Mask?

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1.Select the appropriate type of mask

Medical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers. Ordinary absorbent gauze mask should be the first choice for ordinary people in their daily life. In special occasions, such as seeing a doctor or visiting a patient,ordinary citizens should use medical masks.

How to Choose a Mask

2. select the qualified mask

When choosing masks, it depends on whether there is a trading name on the package, whether there is information about the manufacturer or supplier, whether there are a mask certificate or instructions. Disposable masks also should have a disposable logo. For the reusable medical protective mask, the sterilization method shall also be indicated. Generally speaking, ordinary gauze masks should indicate whether they are ordinary or sterile. The materials used for the mask shall be free of a peculiar smell and harmless to the human body. In particular, the materials in contact with the human face should be non-irritating and allergenic.

3. Dont forget to check the appearance when choosing masks

This is a issue we tend to ignore when choosing masks. First of all, check whether the packaging of the mask is complete or damaged. The mask surface shall be free of holes and stains. Medical protective masks should not have exhalation valves. For the close type arch mask, the transverse diameter shall not be less than 14cm, and the longitudinal diameter shall not be less than 14cm; for the medical protective rectangular mask, the length shall not be less than 17cm, and the width shall not be less than 17cm; for the general absorbent gauze mask, the length shall not be less than 17cm, the width shall not be less than 13cm, and the number of layers shall not be less than 12. Besides, we should remind you that if you choose a medical mask, you must have a nose clip, which is made of bendable plastic material with a length of not less than 8.5cm.

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