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How to make the mask more comfortable on the ears?

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Masks are an important part of protecting yourself and others from virus infection, but it does not make it easier to wear. Now, many of us are facing another unfortunate side effect: ear discomfort. How to make the mask more comfortable on the ears? Jingde will explain to everyone below.

Fixing a mask will put a lot of pressure on your ears and increase skin discomfort, but there are several ways to prevent this from happening. From skin care technology to masks and earplugs.

Experts recommend the following ear protectors to make wearing masks more comfortable:

1. Mask belt clip

Mask belt clip

Plastic "ear protectors" are one of the most popular ways to prevent irritation behind the ears. Simply wrap the elastic band of the mask on the clip instead of the ear to release the pressure immediately. This double-sided clip has 4 levels of hooks to adapt to different head sizes while ensuring that your mask can hug your face correctly. It can reduce the discomfort of wearing a mask.

2. Headband with buttons

Headband with buttons

The strategically placed buttons on both sides of the knitted headband can be used instead of hooking the mask elastic band instead of the ears. It is made of extra elastic Lycra fiber and cotton blend, which can hug the head without adding extra pressure, making it a comfortable choice for all-day wear. It is regarded as an "ear protector" by a shopper. It can also be machine washed and offers a variety of colors, from bright fuchsia to navy blue.

3. Mask baseball cap

Mask baseball cap

When you put on a baseball cap, you almost forget to wear a mask: it has buttons on both sides of its head to hold the mask in place without cutting the skin. There is also a metal sliding adjuster on the back to ensure a perfect fit.

4. Frosted cap with buttons

Frosted cap with buttons

These upgraded frosted caps are thanks to buttons sewn on both sides of the cap. They are available in a variety of fabrics, and they have adjustable straps on the back of the head to ensure that the cap fits properly. In addition, they are a great way to protect your hair from tugging or pulling while wearing an KN95 mask.

5. Non-elastic mask

Another good way to prevent ear irritation is to avoid elasticity altogether. If you can wear a cloth mask instead of a surgical mask, you can find a design with a tie instead of elastic. They have two sets of ties to ensure a close fit without any friction on your ears.

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