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Can the mask be reused?

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Coronavirus disease. The most important propagation method is droplet diffusion, which has strong propagation ability. If you don't wear a mask, it can be infected with the patient for 15 seconds or even 2 seconds. Wearing a mask is a new measure to prevent viruses. Therefore, masks have become a must in our daily lives.

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There are also many ways to reuse disposable masks on the Internet, such as cooking, alcohol spray, etc...Can the masks be reused? First of all, we should tell you clearly that masks can be reused. Even a disposable mask does not mean it can only be worn once and cannot be used after it is removed. As long as it is not contaminated, not in a high-risk environment (such as a hospital), and protected from moisture, the mask removed can still be reused. However, this mask can only be worn repeatedly. After each use, the mask can be placed in a clean, dry, ventilated place, or in a clean and breathable paper bag to avoid contamination. The frequency of repeated use should be properly controlled and not excessive. When removing the disposable mask, pull the mask rope and remove it directly. Do not touch the contaminated mask surface with your hands.

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However, medical standard masks cannot be cleaned, especially with water. It is not recommended to use disinfectants or heating methods for disinfection. In case of special circumstances, it is recommended to use the ultraviolet sterilizer in the household tableware disinfection cabinet for disinfection. When disinfecting, please follow the product manual, pay attention to open the mask. Do not put tableware and chopsticks in the tableware disinfection cabinet, nor use the heating function (to avoid safety problems). Before wearing again, carefully inspect the parts for damage or aging. After ultraviolet disinfection, the performance of the mask will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, it is recommended to discard the mask after sterilization. Although it is very important to wear a mask during the epidemic, in some cases you do not need to wear a mask. For example, if you are not in contact with outsiders at home, there is no need to wear a mask without special circumstances. In addition, it should be noted that masks are also in short supply. Many people cheat by selling masks. Therefore, the public must purchase medicinal materials through formal channels and formal enterprises to improve their identification capabilities.

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