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How to put on and take off the mask correctly?

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1. Before wearing a mask, wash your hands with alcohol hand soap or soap thoroughly.

2. There is no gap between the face and the mask, wear a mask to cover the nose and nose.

3. If you accidentally touch, please wash your hands thoroughly with liquid soap, alcohol or soap, and do not touch the mask during hand washing.

4. When removing the mask, grab the ear hooks on both sides and remove it from the back. Do not touch the mask directly when throwing it into the closed trash can.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer, alcohol or soap for 20 seconds to kill the virus.

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Can the mask be reused? How to keep a mask

Can standard masks or medical masks be worn? In fact, medical masks are disposable and then discarded. But if it is really necessary, it may be changed again a day. The mask must be in good condition, not wet, dirty, damaged and the ear straps should not be stretched because it will make the mask close to the face and should not be cleaned with a medical mask. Because the mask has synthetic fibers and a waterproof coating, if it is washed, it will lose the virus protection performance of the mask, and it may also cause the sheet fiber to be masked. When inhaled, the lint can be sucked from the mask. In addition to adversely affecting the body, wearing masks that do not meet the standards does not help prevent viruses.

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Which mask meets the standard? Can be protected by viruses

The anti-virus mask must have three layers. Or medical mask The outer layer of the material is made of polypropylene spunbond material, the thickness is 14-20 grams, the advantage is that air will permeate and does not absorb water.

The middle layer is made of a melt-blown filter with a thickness of 20-25 grams

The inner layer is made of the same material as the outer layer. Thickness between 20-25 grams

In general, it has the ability to filter dust. Prevent liquid penetration and prevent the spread of bacteria to sneeze.

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