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How to distinguish true and false masks?

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At present, there are many fake masks on the market. In addition to being unqualified, the price is also very high. Even worse is the sale of second-hand masks. How do we know that our products are standard? For the benefit of readers, before buying a mask, we must take a closer look, because masks are available on the market. Some people see that there are many layers. You must be able to prevent viruses. On the other hand, if the mask is very thick, there are many layers, but there is no filter layer, which is no different from not wearing a mask. The following Jingde teaches you how to distinguish true and false masks? The basic method of checking the mask is as follows


1. Packaging is not standardized

Judging from the product packaging, there are often dents and breakages. There is no product seal on the product packaging. The mask must indicate the model, source of production and import, date of manufacture, year of manufacture, and the period of validity and product seal. There is chemical smell or plastic smell.

2. When the fake mask is crushed, dust will come out and smell of chemical or plastic. In general, standard masks have no chemical odor.

3. Defective products

There are stains on the mask, which are caused by cleaning and repacking the used mask.

4. No filter

The mask after cutting, if it is true, will have a filter, but if it is a non-standard counterfeit, there will be no filter inside. It is made of several layers of materials, but the effect is not as good as a real protective mask.

5. It is not waterproof, water drops will seep into the hood

If the water seeps into the mask, it means that the mask can not effectively resist the virus, but some brands still have waterproof function, but there is no filter for protection. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there is a filter inside.

Which mask meets the standard? A mask that can be protected by a virus must have three layers.

The outer layer is made of polypropylene spunbond material and has a thickness of 14-20g. Its advantage is that air can pass through without absorbing water.

The middle layer is made of 20-25g meltblown filter.

The inner layer is made of the same material as the outer layer. Its thickness is generally 20-25g

Prevent liquid penetration, prevent bacteria from spreading sneeze

The above is the method that Jingde introduced to you to distinguish true and false masks. Our professional Jingde mask manufacturers provide customers and services from more than 130 countries/regions. We always ensure high cost performance to benefit our customers. We The price concessions, quality assurance, please contact us.

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